Tricks To Optimize Your eCommerce Website’s Conversions

If you’ve done everything to drive traffic to your eCommerce website and yet not getting any result, it’s probably high time for your eCommerce website’s conversion optimization. This results in an increase in conversion rate and returning customers.

Here are some tricks to keep in mind for conversion optimization.

1. Add images and video on product pages

Adding images and video on product pages will show customers what exactly they are getting.

2. Provide comprehensive product descriptions

Together with high quality image or video, make sure to provide comprehensive product descriptions to, again, show customers what they are getting and subsequently prevent returns.

3. Give out limited time coupon codes

Giving out limited time coupon codes will encourage customers to click the button and go through with the purchase.

4. Offer free shipping

In today’s very competitive market, offering free shipping is one great way to get customer’s attention. It is something online shoppers have grown accustomed to on Amazon.

Here’s a bonus tip: every seller can offer free shipping. You can cover the shipping cost by subtly increasing product prices.

5. Offer competitive prices

If you are selling products that are offered in a lot of other stores, what you can do is lower your product price a bit in order to compete.

6. Target the right audience

Reach out to the right audience and market your brand to them, with relevant content, and sales will eventually come in.

7. Place “Add to Cart” and “Checkout” buttons close to the product image and price

An actionable button that stands out from its surrounding images and text can prompt an online shopper to do what it exactly says.

8. Incorporate a Live Chat software

Adding a Live Chat software in your website provides a real human connection to your potential customers. This will build trust for the purchase and eventually result in customer loyalty.

9. Enhance your on-site credibility by putting industry-standard security measures in place

Letting your customers know that your store is safe will give them the confidence to enter their credit card information on your website. This security measures ensure customers that their credit card information are protected and safe.

10. Encourage product review

Most online shoppers read product reviews first before buying—and I think you do too.

To encourage your customers to provide a review, you can offer them a coupon code as a reward. Accept and address every complaint immediately to receive more positive reviews.